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Meet your next Handyman!

Hey, welcome to my site!

If you’re on this page, you must be trying to decide if you want to hire me. You want to know something about me. You have questions like, can you trust me, will I finish the job, and am I set up legally?

First, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Troy, owner of VanCam Handyman.

My wife (Crystal) and I moved here in 2020 from Bismarck, North Dakota. We left behind our four grown children and one grandson to escape the harsh winters of North Dakota. 

My wife and I grew up on farms in North Dakota. We figured we paid our dues (moved our share of snow) and wanted a better climate. Our family disagreed but has been supportive.

We love living in Vancouver, Washington. Even on the rainiest winter day, at least it isn’t subarctic temperatures. We used to go to Mexico for vacations, but now we go back to North Dakota and visit family.

I’m a tech-savvy entrepreneur. I’ve owned website development shops, technology companies, and marketing agencies. I’ve been a trusted resource for hundreds of clients over the years. I’ve even worked three years of estate planning along with being a New York Life agent (talk about a background check). I’ve never let a customer down.

I grew up with the philosophy that reputation is everything in life.

While growing up, helping my father on the farm, I got pretty comfortable with tools. If something broke, we fixed it ourselves. If we needed something built; again, it was up to us to make it.

Years later, living off the farm, married with four boys, and with more money than time, we needed some upgrades to our first home. My wife and I hired our first contractor to do a kitchen counter replacement, tile a shower, and replace a few windows.

During that remodel, I was the guy every handyperson hates. I was hanging over his shoulder, asking questions, trying to figure out what he was doing. And guess what? The guy we hired did pretty much everything wrong!

The tiled shower leaked through the wall into the downstairs, the windows weren’t even close to being sealed, and the countertops weren’t 100% right. Then the contractor vanished, never to be seen again.

That was the last time we hired a contractor. Since then, my wife and I have done all of our work except countertops. Those things are heavy!

I’ve amassed many tools and skills over the years, from whole bathroom renovations to building decks and updating every surface and fixture in our homes. If I have an electrical issue, I can fix it; plumbing, no problem. The only thing I wouldn’t say I like doing is painting. I’ve left that up to my wife.

For years, like many, I have looked forward to the weekends. Not to relax but to do home improvement projects. I’ve even taken to helping my local neighbors. I’ve seemed to have transformed into a home improvement warrior.

Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Recently, I started thinking, I enjoy working on homes, so why not become a Handyman? I have the knowledge, the tools, and a passion for doing the job right.

So that’s my story in a nutshell.

I registered the name VanCam Handyman with the State of Washington, purchased my general liability insurance, and received my bond. I hold a contractor’s license with the designation of Handyman.

A handyman contractor has some limitations. We can’t do projects totaling over $2,000, can’t hire subcontractors, and can’t do tasks that require a permit.

What this means for you is I’ll show up at your home, not a stranger, but you should look over my services and pricing pages.

Then, if my story has answered your questions and you feel you can trust me, take the next step and fill out my Virtual Appointment form.

Let’s get started.