Handyman Contractor Serving Vancouver, Camas, & Clark County, Washington


No two jobs are the same, the only way I can provide you with a price is through a quoting process. VanCam Handyman operates on a project-based pricing model.

When I quote a job, it is based on how much time, skill, and effort I believe the job will take. This includes running to the hardware store, working on a ladder, or hauling materials to a second level. 

My quote is my promise that I will do the tasks according to industry standards.

Your quote will also include the costs of materials, supplies, and taxes.

Everyone wants to pay the least possible, honest quotes allow me to keep my business running and be there if you need me in the future.

Once your project is completed, I will issue an invoice due on receipt. I accept credit cards and cash as payment.

Every quote will also have a signed and dated Disclosure Statement Notice to Customers attached that must be signed by you to protect both you the customer and me the contractor.