Handyman Contractor Serving Vancouver, Camas, & Clark County, Washington

Handyman Services I Provide

By Areas of Your Home


Bath Vent Gill Cover Repair & Replacement
Medicine Cabinet Installation & Replacement
Individual Tile Replacement
Tub & Shower Caulking
Toilet & Sink Caulking
Toilet Seat Replacement
Grout Sealing
Shower Curtain Rod Repair & Replace
Towel Holder Repair and Replace
Toilet Tank Repair

Living Room

TV Mounting
Drywall Repair
Furniture Assembly
Shelf Installation
Blind Installation
Closet Installation & Design
Drywall Repair
Hang Pictures
Blind Installation
Paint Accent Walls

Deck & Patio

Replace Cracked or Rotted Boards
Repair Deck Railings
Replace Popped Nails or Screws
Hanging String Lights
Installing Patio Awning
Assemble furniture, fireplaces, and storage sheds


Update to New Router
Wireless Security Systems
Wireless camera systems
Smart Thermostats
Mesh Networks (Google Wi-Fi and other brands)
Smart Home Technology (lights, switches, door locks)
Starlink Satellite Internet Installations

Window/Door Repair & Maintenance

Sticking Doors
Squeaking Doors
Air Leaks
Broken Door Locks
Screen Door Repairs & Replacement


Pet Gate Installation
Pet Door Installation
Wired/Wireless Fence Installation
CatGenie Installation


TV Mounting
Drywall Repair
Furniture Assembly
Shelf Installation
Blind Installation
Closet Installation & Design

Dining Room

Drywall Repairs
Install & Hang Pictures, Art Work, and Mirrors
Install Shelving


Individual Back Splash Tile Replacement
Hinge/Knob/Handle & Drawer Slider Replacements
Cabinet Repair

Home Office

Shelving & Wire Racking Organization Installation
Dual Monitor Desk Arm Supports
Keyboard Trays
Ergonomic Computer Desk Assembly
Whiteboard & Glassboard Installation
Desk, Chair, & Bookshelf Installation


Workbench assembly
Install bike racks
Shelving & Wire Racking Organization Installation
Peg Board Installation
Ladder Storage Installation
Cabinets Installation
Replace Garage Seals
Garage Door Issues

Exterior Home Maintenance & Repairs

Calking & recalking
Window Screen Repair
Door knob replacement
Fill and Seal Gaps

Baby & Child Proofing

Baby Gate Installation
Furniture Securing Products to Reduce Tip-Overs
Child-Proofing Cabinets in Kitchens & Bathroom

Home Security

Front Door Security
Garage Door Security
Sliding Glass Door Security
Security Cameras
Door & Window Sensors

Punch List Repairs

Getting Your Home Market Ready

And Much More!!