Handyman Contractor Serving Vancouver, Camas, & Clark County, Washington

Thank You

I’ve received your appointment request and will contact you via your preferred method that you submitted. I look forward to fulfilling your Handyman needs.

Tips for a Successful Handyman Appointment!

Know where your electrical panel (breaker box) and home water shutoff are located, just in case.

Please remove items from around the work area for easy access. You don’t want to pay Handyman rates when you could pay mover rates.

Please keep children and pets out of the work area.

If you purchased the item to be installed, please have everything that came in the box available.

If you have already hired out part of the project, please let me know what has been done. In case I have to fix someone else’s mistakes.

Please don’t distract me while I’m working. This is for safety reasons and to ensure prompt service for you and my next customer. You’d also not want me to miss something while I am there.

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